Whispbar Smart-foot

The World's most adaptable roof rack

Whispbar roof racks - the adaptable choice

Smartfoot Technology works on the principle that "simple is good", which means changing vehicles can be as simple as only getting another fitting kit. Traditional roof racks are built to suit only one mount type so buying another car almost invariably meant buying a whole new roof rack and starting again from scratch. Not the case with Smartfoot. Smartfoot fitting kits are totally interchangeable and fit both through and flush style Whispbars. They simply plug in from the bottom and turn your roof rack into a completely new one for the cost of just another fitting kit. So does this interchangeability mean the fittings are less than optimum? No way, the fitting kits used in Smarfoot have been engineered for each specific vehicle to ensure a secure fit.

Whatever vehicle you've got there is a Smartfoot fitting kit to suit. 100's of fitting kits are available to plug into the Smartfoot system making your Whispbar the most versatile roof rack in the world. Has your vehicle got fixed points? No problem. Is it a clamp mount? No problem. What about gutters? No problem. All roof types are covered by Smartfoot Technology, and yes, even vehicles with roof rails. This flexibility can make your initial purchase go a whole lot futher, from vehicle to vehicle as you update.

Whispbar with Smartfoot is a roof rack for life.

Change your car, keep your roof rack

When you change car you need new roof racks, right? Wrong. In many cases you will only need a new fitting kit and you can take your Whispbar with you to the new vehicle. How does this work? Well say your current car is a BMW 3 Series 2008 sedan and you have an S6 Whispbar Flush mount and fitting kit K380. The problem is you've just fallen in love with the latest BMW 5 Series 2009 sedan and gone and bought one, now what happens with your Whispbar, can you take it with you? Of course you can, you jump online to check what roof racks you need and to your delight all you need is another fitting kit - K367!

Today Old Kit Old Car
Tomorrow Plus Fitting Kit
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